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Put your marketing in the spotlight – 4 tips

Summer is the perfect time to get creative with your marketing strategy. Surprise your clients and prospects with a refreshing approach. This is the season when they are most relaxed and open to trying new things. The following 4 summer tips will help you win over clients and prospects and boost your sales.

1. Bring sunshine into your content

Warm temperatures, vacation atmosphere, patio weather, ice creams, summer clothes… Get inspired by the typical activities of summer to create new content. For example, involve your followers on social media in a sunshine contest or sharing campaign. If you create new blogs or videos about your products or services, give them a summer feel. Or update your existing content by referencing activities, major sporting events, music festivals,… own to a sunny summer. Suppose the weather does turn out to be disappointing, at least you let your customers dream of sunshine.

2. Organize outdoor events

After a long and rainy spring with much sitting inside, everyone longs for the outdoors. If you are organizing an event, be sure to do it outdoors. Invite your clients to an outdoor activity. Barbecues, picnics, festivals or just a walk or bike ride followed by a drink: there are plenty of options. Promote your event through social media and other channels to reach a larger audience and new customers.

3. Use seasonal discounts

Encourage your customers to make additional purchases during the summer? Use seasonal discounts You can work with traditional summer discounts or come out original and respond to current events. Give a discount as high as the maximum temperature of the day, for example. Or a 2+1 free if it’s more than 25 degrees. Be creative! Promote those promotions through your social media, website, mailings,… and boost your sales.

4. Invest in a summer campaign

With a creative summer ad campaign, you reach a wider audience. Often the media landscape quiets down and traditional advertisers go into summer hibernation. This makes your ads stand out all the more. Opt for a specific campaign around a summer theme. Or deploy ads to highlight the summer content, events or discounts we talked about above to a new target audience.


Summer is a top season to give your marketing efforts a refreshing slant to generate more engagement, visibility and sales. With these 4 tips, we’ll already get you started. Would you like more information or need advice and support? Contact us. We are at your service.

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